Our story

Made Strong Ministries was founded by the Ministry team of Kari Bregin and Angie Montgomery. The two met while volunteering with a local outreach group that shares the love of Jesus in unlikely places. While building relationships within the commercial sex industry, there was an apparent desire by so many women to get “out” of the industry. There was also a realization that some of these women were trying to leave dangerous situations and some being trafficked.

As Kari and Angie tried to find local resources and help for these women, they quickly discovered there was nothing available for adult survivors of sex trafficking, and nowhere that addressed the complex and multifaceted needs of someone leaving the commercial sex industry.

Angie and Kari felt God stirring their hearts to do something about this. There was a clear vision to establish a safe environment for women & their children leaving the sex industry.  Not just a physical building, but a place of healing and empowerment to start rebuilding lives.

After much prayer and council… Made Strong Ministries was born in April of 2018. That launched a year of preparation and hard work. Kari and Angie began meeting with as many Leaders and Directors of Homeless and Women’s Shelters that would give them counsel. 

They gathered a Board of Top Professionals to help with establishing the Ministry’s operations. As well as making the necessary connections to establish collaborations and meet the needs of our residents.

The need for a Safe House existed years ago. But let us work together NOW to bring both awareness and a physical solution to this issue. Together, we can bring lasting change in our community. Contact Made Strong Ministries to come and speak to your group today.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”-Steve Jobs

OUR Board of Directors

Angie Mongomery

Co-Founder &

President of the Board

Tracey Caldwell

Secretary of the Board

Dan Kensinger

Board of Directors

Officer Branden Lamiase

Board of Directors

Angie Montgomery

Occupational Therapist, with Lutheran Home Healthcare.

Angie has a Masters in Occupational therapy and a Bachelors

in Psychology from the University of Indianapolis.

Tracey Caldwell

Surgical Technologist at Cataract and Laser Institute.

Former Spokesperson at the Bowen Center

Dan Kensinger

Attorney at Law with Shine & Hardin, LLP.

President of the Fort Wayne-Allen County History Center

Governance Committee Chair for SCAN

Branden Lambiase

Former Youth Pastor in Metamora IL.

Current Police Officer with the Fort Wayne Police Department